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1915 Jerh Cotter's family in Monorone, Bandon

Pidge Cotter

William Cotter, Brennymore

Will of Sylvester Cotter, Gortnalour, Inchigeela who died on 27th February 1863

Hanora Lucey (nee Cotter), 1865 - 1959

Mary Joyce (nee O'Callaghan), mother of Mary Joyce, with her grandson Ted Cotter, circa 1905

Sylvester Cotter, 1893 - 1968, Brennymore and San Francisco

Johanna Cotter (nee Casey) Wife of Sylvester Cotter 1893- 1968

Margaret (Molly) Cotter - Sr. Mary Regina 1892 - 1973

Julia Donnellan (nee Cotter) - 1896 - 1927

Caheragh school photo 1910. Front row 4th left Hanna Cotter.(ribbon in hair) Second row 4th child from left, Ellen Cotter (ribbon in hair)

Family of Sylvester Cotter,Brennymore and San Francisco, taken 1938 - First row, left to right Mary Regina, Margaret Agnes, Robert Jerome. Second row John Francis, Sister Mary Regina, Sylvester Cotter (son), and William Vincent.

Marie Cotter-Goggin, Jeremiah Cotter, Bantry, Willie Cotter, Brennymore, and Bridie Goggin-Smith

William and Julia Cotter, when they got married in February 1889

Wedding of Dan Cotter, Gortnalour and Mary Theresa Twohig, Macroom. From Left; John Cotter, Johanna Cotter, Dan Cotter, Mary Theresa Twohig and Joan Twohig

John Cotter, Barna, Caheragh with his wife, Mary (nee Dineen), sons John and Timothy and possibly daughter Maggie.

Fr. Liam Heffernan, Mary Heffernan and Danny Murphy at Rea, Carrigboy

John Cotter, Barna, Caheragh. 1856 - 1936

Mary Cotter (nee Dinneen) 1857 - 1951

Michael Healy, Cooleclevane 1927 - 1976

Madge Lucey (nee Cotter) died 1999

William Cotter (Brennymore),Sr. Margaret Mary Regina Cotter, Nono Cotter, and Jeremiah Cotter.

Mary Cotter (nee Dinneen) 1857- 1951 and her son John Cotter 1896 - 1978

Timothy J. MacSweeney, Inchigeela 1899 - 1924

John MacSweeney, Inchigeela 1895 - 1930 and his wife Nora Hurley 1892 - 1975

Ted Cotter 1901 - 1974, and Aggie Cotter 1904 - 1983

Mary Cotter 1906 - 1978 and Aggie Cotter 1904 - 1983, at Courtmacsherry

Jeremiah, Tom, Diarmaid and Michael Cotter. Three generations.

Tom Cotter, outside a particular door.

John, Margaret, Mary Hayes, (sister of John), and Tom Hayes as a baby.

Tom Cotter and his car in the 1940's

Jeremiah and Maria Cotter with son Ted, daughters Aggie , Mary and Annie

Aggie Cotter, Kilmichael and Bandon

Aggie and Annie Cotter

Jeremiah Cotter, 1871 - 1954, Kilmichael and Bandon

The original Sylvester Cotter, born 1737, died 1804, buried in the old cemetery, Inchigeela.

Will of Hannah Cotter who died on 4th November 1933

Mary Cotter (Dennehy), Droumnagopple. 1875 - 1953

Joe Murphy (nee Cotter),person to be identified, Mary Fitzpatrick (Heffernan), in centre, with her mother Babe Heffernan (Cotter) to her left, and Nora Cotter (nee McCarthy) wife of John Cotter, Gortnalour

Annie Kelly (Cotter) and her sister Pidge Coakley-White (Cotter)

Tim Hurley 1893 - 1982

Molly Hurley (Cotter) 1903 - 1976

Allen Driscoll and Nancy Mast Lund, wedding photo, circa 1938.

Allen V. Driscoll, 1884 - 1944

Allen V. Driscoll 11 circa 1943

Ethel Chamberlin, Mark E. Driscoll and Anne Marie Driscoll and Shaun Conaty

Sheila Donnellan and Emmet Kelly

Raritan Woolen Mill, where William Cotter and many of his children, and later some of their partners worked from about 1870 onwards

John O'Leary, with Johanna (nee Twohig) and their daughter Anne O'Leary -Leahy

Wedding photo 1938 of Tim Cotter, Clonmoyle and Hannah Twomey. Best man Neilus Cotter.

Wedding photo 1946 of Neilus Cotter, and Mary Bradley

Jimmy Lannin (the one who is bare-headed).

Fr. Ted Cotter.

Dancing at Johnstown platform approx. 1940

Mariah Welch, wife of John Cotter, born 1817, Coolroe.

Lula Belle Cotter 1877 - 1956

Cornelius Lucey and his car.

Cornelius Lucey with his first grandchild, Tom Klein

Barbara Klein (nee Lucey).

Cornelius Lucey with his daughters Mary and Barbara

Mary Coldwell (nee Lucey).

Record of Sylvester Cotter paying tithes in 1800

The cleaned up tombstone of Sylvester Cotter 1737- 1804, photographed during the Cotter Gathering on 17th July 2010.

Gravestone of William Cotter, Inchigrada and Carrigboy

Record of amount owed by William Cotter in tithes to the Duke of Devonshire, 1807 - 1812

Margaret Cotter married John Coakley.

Death Certificate of Ellen O'Sullivan (nee Cotter), 25th May 1896

View of Tullagh and Shehagh.

Sylvester Cotter Laghgnieve 1889 - 1966 in his R.I.C. uniform

Timothy Cotter, Laghgnieve (1894 to 1940, in his R.I.C. Uniform

Timothy Cotter, Laghgnieve 1894 to 1940

Nora Cotter (nee Kelly 1900 to 1981

Billy Cotter, wearing the medal that his father won for bravery

Dan Twomey, Kealfinchion (1855 to 1932) and Mary Anne cotter (1859 to 1925)

Cotters at the time of Ted's ordination in 1928.

Michael (Bob) and Julia Corbett

Cecilia Cotter and Reuben Waite

David Cotter and his wife Eunice Dorn

Category: Buildings / Graveyards

Cotter house in Coolroe East

Hannah Cotter's grave

Plaque in Deshure which mentions Denis Murphy, brother of Nancy who was married to Sylvester Cotter d. 1862

Gortnalour, Inchigeela.

Inchigeela old cemetery

Checking out graves in Inchigeela old cemetery, on the day of Charlie Costa's visit, April 2009

Teddy Cotter, Charlie Costa and Michael Cotter at the church in Inchigeela, April 2009

One of the old Cotter gravestones in the old cemetery in Inchigeela

Michael Cotter, Julie Costa, Charlie Costa and Teddy Cotter at the Cotter graves in the old cemetery in Inchigeela, on the day of the Costas' visit to Inchigeela

Cotter household at Brennymore, Kealkil, Co. Cork

Grave of family of Jeremiah Cotter, Bantry

Grave of Tim Cotter, Bantry and Cork

Grave, at Kealkil of William Cotter and his second wife, Minnie.

Grave of John Cotter, Barna died 1936

Anne McSweeney (nee Cotter),1859 - 1933, and her daughter Anne Crowley 1897 1986, in Bill Joanie grave in Inchigeela churchyard.

Cotter (Scully) grave in the new cemetery in Inchigeela.

Cotters, Clonmoyle, grave in Terelton.

Cotter (Bill Joanies) grave in Inchigeela churchyard.

Gravestone of William Sylvester Cotter.

The grave in the Abbey cemetery where Julia Cotter (Creedon) is buried. Those named on the 'headstone' are her mother, Mary and her brother Michael who died aged 24 in 1886.

Caption on the 'headstone' on the grave in the Abbey cemetery Bantry, where Julia Cotter (Creedon) is buried

Goode graves in Kilmichael cemetery.

John Cotter, Droumnagopple, his wife Mary, their daughter Johanna and son John Patrick

William Vincent Cotter

Gravestone of Anne Murphy (Sr. Regina)

Grave of Sylvester Cotter (1888 - 1922)in Douglas, Wyoming

Gravestone of Nora Cotter 1885 - 1964

Cotter house in Curradrinagh.

Category: People

Tom & Kitty Cotter, Monarone, Bandon.

Julia Simms, Eileen Cotter & Margaret Cotter

Mary and Aggie Cotter, sisters of Tom Cotter, Monarone, Bandon.

Tom Cotter and his garden

Cornelius & Hazel Lucey and grandchildren 1971

Cornelius & Hazel Lucey with children and their partners 1955

Jenny Mills, Seamus Coakley, Teddy Cotter, Michael Cotter (Deshure) and Margaret Lynch, at Charlie Costa meeting April 2009

Colum Cronin and Kitty Cotter, April 2009, Inchigeela, morning with Charlie Costa

Michael Cotter (Dublin), Seamus Coakley and Charlie Costa, Charlie Costa day, Inchigeela April 2009

Agnes Cotter, Cooleclevane with book on the Cotters, Charlie Costa morning April 2009 i9n Inchigeela

Teddy Cotter, Cooleclevane, Michael Cotter, Deshure, and Michael Cotter Dublin,

Charlie Costa and Colum Cronin, Charlie Costa day in Inchigeela 2009

Michael Cotter, Deshure, Julie Costa, Margaret Lynch, Jenny Mills, and Charlie Costa, April 2009, Charlie and Julie Costa in Inchigeela

William Cotter, Brennymore 1904 - 1984

Sheila and Emmett Kelly wedding photo

Paddy & Kathleen Helay

James Donnellan and grandniece Ruth

James Donnellan and grandniece Sheila 2008

Paddy Healy, Cooleclevane and Skibbereen

Mary Regina Cotter with husband Leo Benzler (parents of the sender, Patricia Hicks)

William Cotter,(1904 - 1984), Nora Cotter, Bantry, her father Jeremiah Cotter (known as Jeremiah Bantry) Sr. Margaret Mary Regina.

Michael Cotter, Neidin, Thomas (the groom), Josephine, and Michael Jnr. at Thomas's wedding October 2007.

Tessia Cotter and Patie Sweeney's wedding photo September 1944. Denis or Willie Sweeney, Joan Sweeney, Patie, Tessie, Fr. John sweeney, Mary Teresa Cotter, Sr. Catherine Goode.

Jonathan Carroll, Sacramento, California 2009.

Jonathan and Lily Carroll, San Francisco, 1994 approx.

Mary's calendar,and Sorcha's cake at my 60th birthday party 5th December 2009.

Cotters, Michael, Josephine, Thomas, Michael, Sorcha, Gwen and Neidin at my 60th birthday party, cutting (how could we) Sorcha's magnificent personalised cake at the party 5th December 2009.

Cotters, Diarmaid, Mary, Kitty, Michael and Tadhg at my 60th birthday party 5th December 2009

First and second childhood. Diarmaid and his granddaughter Aoife at my 60th birthday party 5th December 2009.

Cross-generation moment - Diarmaid (with camera, Julie O'Donoghue, Kitty saying good night to her great granddaughter Aoife, and the Daddy, Paul, at my 60th birthday party 5th December 2009.

George Simms

Hannah Cotter, Carrigboy, died 1992.

Hannah Cotter (nee Twomey), Clonmoyle, died 1992.

Tim Cotter, Clonmoyle, 1902 - 1995

Joan Cotter, Clonmoyle 1939 - 1983

Hannah Cotter (nee O'Donoghue), 1878 - 1949

Timsey Cotter, Carrigboy 1873 - 1947

Margaret Lynch (nee Lucey)

Neilus and Mary Cotter and Danny Murphy

John J. Cotter, Droumnagopple, 1877 - 1961

Family of Sylvester Cotter, Barna, Caheragh. 1932 - 2002

Sean, Tim and Mark Cotter, Barna, Caheragh.

Tim Cotter, Dolly and Catherine, taken 1953

Diarmaid's surprice at his 60th birthday party, Killarney March 2008. A good scattering of Cotters are present.

The one good day in summer 2009, barbecue in Killiney. Present - Thomas, Sorcha, Neidin and Josephine (sitting down).

Abby Lucy, Denver, Colorado 1897 - 1976

Con Lucey, Denver with his daughters Mary and Barbara

Hazel Lucey (nee Dilinger) taken 1952. 1902 - 1996.

Robert and Marian Cotter, California 1936 - 2004

Cornelius Lucey,Coolroe East and Denver, Colorado. 1891 - 1989

Timothy Hinchion 1925 - 1982

Anne Hinchion, Fr. Jerry O'Riordan and Sheila Corkery, At Kealfinchion, August 2009

Dan Twomey, Kealfinchion (1855 - 1932) and Mary Anne Cotter, Cooleclevane (1859 - 1925)

Sylvester Cotter, Gortnalour, Inchigeela, 1899 to 1964

John Cotter, Gortnalour and Albert Place, Cork, 1901 to 1963

Dan Cotter, Gortnalour and Cappaclare, Inchigeela. 1905 to 1943

Margaret Cotter and William, a few years ago.

Sylvester, Molly, Margaret, William Cotter, Gortnalour with some Murphy relations.

Sylvester, Molly and Margaret Cotter in Cork, approx 1960

John Murphy, Cooldorihy, 1939 - 2001

Jeremiah Cotter, Carrigboy, Kilmichael 1914 - 2004

Tom Cotter, his sister Mary, Diarmaid and Michael Cotter, circa 1953.

John Phillip Kelley, Boston and John Hurley, during John Kelley's visit to Ireland in 1999

Tom Cotter and his grandson Thomas, in 1980 in Monorone.

Kathleen Donnellan wedding photo

Donnellan Wedding.

James Donnellan 1925 to 2009

James Donnellan fishing

James Donnellan at a family wedding

James and Kitty Donnellan and grandchild

James Donnellan in his younger days.

Confirmation photo 1974, Joan Cotter, Carrigboy, with Fr. Ted Hurley, Mrs. Mary Cotter and Annie Cotter, Carrigboy

Annie Cotter, Carrigboy, Mrs. Mary Cotter with John, Diarmuid and Joan Cotter, at Diarmuid's First Communion 1972

Michael and Ted Cotter, Deshure, 1955

Molly Cotter, Curradrinagh (partly hidden), Annie Cotter, Catherine Hurley, Mary Cotter, Diarmuid, Tadhg, John and Joan Cotter, Carrigboy 1972

Sr. Gabriel (Kate Cotter), Mrs. Mary Cotter, Tadhg and Joan Cotter, Carrigboy, 1963

Mrs. Mary Cotter, John and Joan and Diarmuid Cotter, Carrigboy, saving hay in the meadow.

Tadhg and Joan Cotter, Carrigboy, confirmation 1974

Mrs. Mary Cotter, Tadhg and Joan Cotter, 1966, Carrigboy

Patrick Donnellan, Ann Donnellan, their son Patrick and daughter Barbara. Kitty and Jim Donnellan and Shiela Donnellay Kelly

Carpenter family, Daniel, Julie and Michael, children of Mary Jane Boyd, and grandchildren of Ellen cotter, Barna (1895- 1971).

Lily Angie-ann Carroll

Miguel Angel Aguilar Jnr.

Miguel Angel Aguilar Jnr, (2)

John Sylvester O'Donnell

Eileen Kingsway (nee O'Farrell)partly hidden, Noreen Quinn, Margaret Manfeld-Klose (nee O'Farrell), Phil Fitton, Trudy Crowley and Sean Crowley, Cobh 11th April 2011.

Phil Fitton, Trudy Crowley, Peggy Fitton (nee Coakley), Sean Crowley, Jerry Crowley

Giles Massachusetts family, Debbie, Phil, Colin, Andy Webb, Charlene Giles/Webb and Brennan

Phil Giles and his sister, Charlene Webb, Massachusetts.

Phil Giles, Massachusetts and his family, Colin, Debbie,and Brennan (one missing).

John Patrick Cotter, Droumnagopple, Inchigeela 1909 to 2003

Eugene O'Riordan, Gortnalour, Inchigeela (1918 to 1997)

John Driscoll (1923 to 1978) at age 27

John Driscoll and his mother, Annie Driscoll (Cotter), mid 1930's

Annie Driscoll (nee Cotter) 1877 to 1972

Annie Driscoll (nee Cotter0 and her son John at 5 months old, 1923.

Jeremiah Driscoll, husband of Annie Cotter.

Driscoll children, John, Rita, Timothy and Jeremiah, 1930's.

Kevin Dowdell

The Park family in Japan early 1960's.

Jerry O'Driscoll's wedding, early 1970's

Rita Driscoll Park at 80 years old

Joanne Blake (Gadola) at her genealogy work

Liam Micheál Cotter taken on his birth day, 17th January 2013

Liam Cotter with his Cotter admirers, Sunday 20th January 2013

Bill Flynn and Isabelle on the right on their wedding day with Best man Bill's brother John and Maid of Honor Isabell's best friend Margie

Bill and Isabelle Flynn, in 1970's with four daughters

Bill Flynn, in front of their house, leaving for WW11. This was the last time that Bill saw his father, who died shortly afterwards of leukemia.

William Flynn (standing on left) with his parents and siblings

Bill Flynn in elementary school

Mary Margaret Flynn (nee O'Sullivan) in front of her house at Bridgeport.

Bill Flynn, off to WW11, with his brothers John, Eugene and Jimmy

Kitty Cotter on her 100th birthday, 1st March 2014

Wedding Lily Carroll and Christopher Daniel Harper

Paul Cotter, with Ann Min Liu, and their children Samantha Liu Cotter and Joseph Ajax Cotter.

Cotter San Francisco family photo:seated: Jamie Lorraine Cotter, Robert Jerome Cotter, Kevin Robert Cotter standing: Paul Joseph Cotter, Marian "Mernie" Cotter

Miguel Angel Anguilar born 2010

Miguel Angel Anguilar born 2010

Bellamurie Harper

Category: Gathering, Macroom 17th July 2010

Michael Cotter and Donal Cotter in Macroom, Friday 16th July.

Thomas, Michael and Kevin Cotter on the Friday berfore the Gathering.

Josephine Cotter, Kevin Cotter and Mary O'Donoghue in park (dog somewhere in the bushes), on Friday evening.

Flynn and Costa group with a certain book on Friday night before the Gathering.

Michael Cotter, Barbara Daigle, Kerl Klein, Janet and John Tinucci

Michael Cotter, Emily Daigle and Karl Klein

Heading off from Macroom on the coach tour.

Getting loaded up for the coach tour.

Heading off on our coach tour around Cotter spots.

At the site of the 1822 hangings in Deshure, during the coach tour.

Deshure stop on our tour

Some of the group at Kilmichael during the coach tour.

Some of the group on the coach tour, part of the Gathering menu. Note the fine day.

Charlie and Julie Costa with Diarmaid Cotter

Sorcha Cotter, Jean Gregory and Nancy Connell at Kilmichael

Laura Gregory, Julie Costa, Diarmaid Cotter, Charlie Costa and Michael Cotter

Some of the group at the church in Johnstown, during the coach tour

Admiring the church in Johnstown, during the coach tour.

Paul, Michael, Thomas and Diarmaid Cotter at their grandfather great-grand father's house in Johnstown.

A group of Cotters returning from visiting the old house of Jeremiah Cotter in Johnstown.

Group at the Mass Rock in Inchigeela, during the coach tour.

At the old Mass Rock during the coach tour.

Group at the Mass Rock in Inchigeela, during the coach tour.

Mary Kelleher singing Cath Céim an Fhiadh during the coach tour.

Paul and Diarmaid Cotter, Liam and Sylvie Cotter and Kitty Cotter at our stop in Gougane Barra, during the coach tour.

Gottnahoughtee Cotters, Sylvester, Seosamh and John Oliver Cotter.

Kitty Cotter with her snack at Gougane Barra.

Coffee break at Gougane Barra

Lottie (the dog) and Kevin Cotter at Gougane Barra

Gougane Barra

Old Cotter headstones, all cleaned up for the occasion.

Some of the tour group looking at the Cotter graves at Inchigeela old cemetery.

Part of the crowd at the old cemetgery in Inchigeela

Audrey Baker,Ciara Jenkins and Becky Parise, looking for 4-leaf clover at Inchigeela old cemetery

Getting ready for the crowds at the Castle Hotel, Saturday evening.

John Hurley and the map of the Kilmichael Inchigeela area at the Gathering.

Stephen Baker with his wife Kathleen's quilt which we all signed at the Gathering .

Michael Galvin giving his talk at the gathering in Macroom

Michael Galvin talking at the Gathering at Macroom

Quilt made by Hannah Cotter, on display at the gathering in Macroom

Frank & Anna Keating, and Anne O'Leary

Some of the crowd at Michael Galvin's talk at the Gathering.

Oldest and youngest attendees at the Gathering, Molly Cotter, (97), Kitty Cotter (96) and Niamh Cotter (about 96 days!).

Molly Cotter with her daughter Margaret, granddaughter Sylvia and great grandchildren at the Gathering in Macroom

Mary O'Donoghue and Kitty Cotter signing Kathleen Baker's quilt at the Gathering

Ted and Michael Cotter, Jeremiah McSweeney and Mark Cotter

Margaret Murphy, Josie Murphy and Mary Lehane at the Gathering,

Liam Cotter, Dorothy Crotty and Donal Cotter.

Sheila Corkery and her sister Peggy Kelleher

Tommy and Mary Brennan, Nancy Connell, and Mary Beth Flynn

Charlie and Julie Costa.

Thomas and Sorcha Cotter, Niamh and Nollaig Cotter

Making my welcoming address at the dinner.

Some of the diners at the dinner in Macroom

Teddy and Agnes Cotter at the dinner

Michael Cotter, Teddy Cotter, Mary O'Donoghue, Agnes Cotter and Tadhg Cotter

Tadhg Cotter and Patricia Baker

Maureen Cotter and her sister Noreen at the dinner in Macroom

Paul Cotter, Molly Cotter, Josephine Cotter and Liam Cotter.

Mary O'Donoghue, Jenny Mills, Mary Brennan and Mary Beth Flynn

Maurie and Lana Cotter,Liam Cotter, Claire Cotter and Kevin Cotter

Josie Murphy, Mary Lehane, Mary O'Reilly and Ann Corcoran

Who won the widest smile competition?

Anne, Eamon Cotter, Nancy Connell & Orla Cotter

Kevin Cotter, Liam and Ciara Cotter

Betty, Kitty and Jenny Cotter

Ted, Mairin and Michael Cotter, 3 descendants of Tadhg Mór.

Helen and John Cotter, Schull

Amanda and Audrey Baker

Donal and a tired Molly Cotter. Paul Cotter with the other Molly Cotter in background

A very modern Aoife Cotter

The Droumnagopple table.

Three creative young ladies

Seamus Coakley and Teddy Cotter

Mary Brennan, Charlie and Julie Costa, Jancy Connell and Jean Gregory

Mary Lehane, Michael Cotter, Margaret Murphy, Josephine Cotter, Sorcha and Thomas Cotter

Josie Murphy and Tadhg Cotter

Peggy Kelleher, Sheila Corkery, Agnes and Teddy Cotter

Anne and Con Cotter, Ballingeary

Category: Old Documents

House Book (re Griffiths Valuation) re Sylvester Cotter, Shehybeg, 1850 approx.

Land Book (re Griffiths Valuation) re Sylvester Cotter, Gortnalour, 1850 approx.

Land Book entry (re Griffiths Valuation) re William Cotter, Carrigboy. 1850 approx.

Land Book entry (Re Griffith Valuation) re Jeremiah Cotter, Coolroe East. 1850 approx.

Land Book entry (Re Griffiths Valuations)re Timothy Cotter, Droumnagopple. 1850 approx

William Cotter, Immokilly, evicted from his 120 acres in 1667.

Category: Shaun and Meg Conaty visit to Inchigeela

On ferry to Sherkin to see where his Driscoll ancestors lived

Arriving in Sherkin island

In church in Sherkin

Now, is that worth snapping!

At the Abbey in Sherkin

Abbey where many Driscoll and Roche ancestors are buried

Shaun and Meg at the Resource Centre in Skibbereen.

Shaun and Meg at old Cotter house at Coolroe, Inchigeela

Viewing the Cotter gravestones in the old cemetery in Inchigeela

In the ruined old church, where ancient Cotters worshipped

Shaun in the church in Inchigeela

Shaun and Meg at Gougane Barra